Crossfit, Weightlifting,gymnastics and more


This is our general fitness program for all levels and ages designed to optimize your body through strength training and intense circuit workouts. This is our most popular option, and each class consists of a warmup, mobility, skill work, and a workout of the day (WOD). Our workouts combine gymnastics conditioning, sprint conditioning, plyometrics, and weight training to give you a smart, well-rounded functional fitness education.


We offer 3 Weekly Classes dedicated to improving strength and weightlifting technique in snatch and clean and jerk, including accessory and conditioning work, and a competitive program with our USAW Club, Oly Guacamole. All of our students receive personalized or small-group programming, and are instructed by our incredible head coach, Jimmy Lujan.

Kids and Teens

Our Teens classes are taught twice weekly in a fun and safe environment dedicated to inspiring a lifelong love of fitness. All students are given a well-rounded introduction to functional fitness including weight training, gymnastics, and injury prevention. Click Here!

The Gymnast Method

Gymnastics conditioning and skills taught by co-owner Allison to encourage safety, strength, flexibility, and a lifelong love for gymnastics. Find out more about this program HERE!


Synapse offers two classes per week in recovery, as well as weekly visits from our chiropractor and massage therapists, and bi-monthly seminars in mobility to ensure your safety and well-being.

Community and Supplementary Classes

We offer weekly classes in gymnastics, endurance, and swim, with a huge amount of monthly events to help you get to know your fellow Synapsters and get involved in our community.


All of our coaches offer personal training to help transition students into our group classes, work with special needs, or aid our students in difficult concepts.


To get started in any of our programs, find out about our Beginners Program, or Email us to set up your introductory week.