Put Your Fitness in Flow

At Synapse, we're going to clarify your fitness goals, provide you with intelligent daily challenges, teach you the skills you need to meet those challenges, and surround you with a community that will support you every step of the way. 

You're going to change physically.

Your body is going to optimize. You'll become healthier and more capable to move yourself, and objects. With proper mechanics, technique, stability, and flexibility, you'll gain power, stamina, strength, balance, coordination, agility, and endurance.

You're going to change mentally.

You're going to feel a sense of purpose, an ability to stay present, and the capacity to push when the challenge requires it. You're going to be in awe of what you're able to accomplish, and not only are you going to start expecting more of yourself, you're going to meet those expectations. We expect grit, and in return, we find confidence.

Flow in the gym leads to a better you outside the gym.

Synapse WORKS. Our members enjoy higher performance, satisfaction, and more productivity in their lives. To hear from our members themselves, click here for testimonials.