The most important part of testing is understanding the expectations. Our first lift this week is the DEADLIFT! Here's what we're looking for:

  • We teach the deadlift in the same way we teach the clean. You should be able to use the legs to stretch up into your starting position, torso tall. Push with your legs until your arms are as long as possible, with the weight in the middle of the foot, and the shoulders over the bar. The belly should be nice and tight.
  • Grip should be neutral. You are welcome to use straps, and we prefer this to a switch grip. 
  • As you push with the legs to lift the bar, the hips and shoulders should rise together, and the weight should remain balanced in the middle of the foot.
  • The lift finishes straight up with the legs straight, torso tall, belly tight, NOT with the hips driving forward, knees bent.

We're also trying to find a heavy single. This can be interpreted differently than a 1RM. Once the coach notices form breaks or idiosyncrasies in the lift, you're done. The idea is that in 6 weeks, these problem areas will be stronger, and you'll be able to increase your load healthily.

While we LOVE PRs, keep in mind that test week is a starting place, and identifying weaknesses is the first and most necessary step to getting stronger. This should help you set some goals for the next 6 weeks and keep you focused through this cycle!

Congrats to everyone who's already come in and tested!