Anyone's shoulders sore the last few weeks? Here's why. Here are some movements we've added this cycle to emphasize push strength and shoulder stability:

  • Behind the neck work: Pushing from behind the neck, whether it's a push press, strict press, or even a press in a hyper hold (who loved those?) will emphasize shoulder mobility, and enforce the muscles in your back that SHOULD be working when you're doing any kind of pushing movement. Pushing from behind the neck also reinforces correct bar path.
  • Ring Stability: While we're also doing a ton of ring pushups and ring dips, one of the most important additions to this cycle is simply HOLDING yourself on the rings, whether it's in a plank, or in a support hold. We're also working on turning our hands forward in the hold (turnout). The rings add an element of stability that fires up all the little muscles in your shoulders that stabilize the shoulder girdle, from your lats to your lower traps. 
  • Single arm kettlebell work: From overhead carries, single arm pushpress, windmills and turkish get-ups, single arm kettlebell work can isolate imbalances. Have you noticed you have one side that's not as strong? Don't worry, most of us have one. Taking away the barbell and making each arm work on its own removes our ability to compensate with our strong side. 

Remember, if you have any questions about why we're doing a skill, ask us! Your coaches love to talk about the finer points of movements- and adding understanding to your training truly adds another layer of enjoyment and purpose.