Lifts you'll find in this week's programming and WHY!

Backsquats with a 4 second descent: Strengthening the eccentric portion of the squat (that's when you're descending) has been proven to produce more muscle growth, strengthen connective tissue, and even increase flexibility. 

RDLs: Training romanian deadlifts strengthens the entire posterior chain and is a nice balance to tough squats, especially for our quad-dominant friends.

Seated BN Strict Press: This makes sure we're strengthening the correct muscles in the back to press the bar overhead AND that the bar is moving in the correct path and ending in the correct spot.

Squat Clean + 2 Front Squats: Front squats help strengthen the torso and thoracic. 

Deficit Deadlifts: Adding the deficit forces the individual to use the legs to drive up from the start and requires the individual to recruit the hamstrings and glutes to keep the hips still throughout the lift. It also has a mobility requirement, which we love.

All of these movements should contribute to our goals for this cycle (deadlift, squat, Diane). Let us know if you have any questions!