It's finally here! This week we test your Backsquat (Monday), your Deadlift (Tuesday) and Diane (Thursday). Wednesday will have an option to make up any lifts you missed during the week. Let's keep a few things in mind:

-You need to prepare your body. Spend some extra time rolling out. If you need help figuring out what to mobilize, ask a coach. Before AND after would be best. 

-You need to prepare your mind. This is YOUR time to shine. Time to compete with yourself this week and try your best to be better than you were six weeks ago. Do what YOU need to do this week to be your best self. Decide to be brave, make the most of the moment, and compete. This is a skill in itself- allow yourself to work on it.

(Do you get mental during testing week? My favorite way to approach max out days is this: Think of what you need to work on in whichever skill you're testing. Then focus on a single cue that helps you correct it, and repeat it to yourself before each rep at your lower weights. Every single time you increase, continue to repeat the cue or reminder, even out loud. That heavy weight deserves the same technical cue as the light weight, so just focus on that one thing. It'll take the focus off of the number, and give you something constructive to think about, rather than fears and doubts.)

-Listen to your coaches. We want what's best for you, so if we tell you to stop, it's for a good reason. If we tell you to go up in weight, it's because we 100% believe in your ability to achieve that rep.

-Movement quality still trumps all. If your movement quality is not up to our standards, you still may not be maxing out or going super heavy. That's okay. Remember that progress comes in all forms, ESPECIALLY movement quality, so perfecting this now means a lot more PRs in the long run. This goes for non-beginners as well. If we're used to a certain standard in your squat, and then your squat changes at 95%, that's as far as you're going. The "max" is how heavy can you maintain great mechanics, not what weight can you get lucky to not get injured on.

Time to show off all your hard work. Let's do this!