We're ready for a new cycle, yall!  Here's what's in store for you:

We've spent the last month and a half getting you strong and stable. Now it's time to get EXPLOSIVE, and get a wee bit more technical. This cycle we're testing your HANG SNATCH, HANG CLEAN, PUSH PRESS and a surprise WOD on Friday. 

By isolating the clean and snatch from the hang, we can focus our technique on these lifts a little bit more. Both lifts are so technical, so we're only going to focus on what happens above the knee first. We'll eventually take the lifts back down to the floor once that bar path above the knee improves.

Our push press test is going to build on the overhead stability that we started last cycle. We placed a lot of emphasis on single arm strength, oblique strength, and shoulder stability in our handstands, which is going to translate beautifully into our push presses. The same technical aspects we learned in our handstands should be seen in our overhead positions as well.

Our test WOD this cycle is going to require us to move faster. This workout will be quick, light, and aggressive. You'll notice much more anaerobic training in this cycle, like today's deadlift workout. You will get much more used to this 3-4 minute time domain.

All in all, I'm very excited for this cycle. It provides us a GREAT opportunity for lots of LEARNING, explosive energy, and short but painful workouts. Can't wait!