Most of you have probably seen the abundance of muscle snatches in the programming this cycle! If you're wondering why, you're in the right place.

One of the major skill focuses of this cycle is coordination. We're testing two very difficult skills- the hang snatch, and the hang clean, both of which require huge amounts of coordination. What that means is we're looking for the body to complete a series of steps seamlessly, smoothly, and correctly. We want to the body and mind to work as one to complete an intricate task. 

My weightlifting coach always talked about the snatch like the launching of a rocket ship. The legs are the big engines that propel the rocket (or the barbell) of the ground and eventually out of the atmosphere. Then, the smaller parts of the rocket ship (the arms) dictate where that rocketship is going to go. If the arms aren't active in the snatch, who knows where the rocketship is going to land. So, the arms are incredibly important in the coordination of the snatch. 

The muscle snatch emphasizes the roll of the arms, and in our case, since we're teaching it from the hang position, also emphasizes the timing and transition from the propulsion component of the snatch to the catch.

Hopefully, after training the muscle snatch, the middle part of the snatch (what happens between the "jump and land") will be less of a mystery, and you'll have a better understanding of the role of the arms in the snatch. 

Here's a video of some members working on their hang power snatches after drilling the muscle snatch. You should be able to see all 4 positions that Shannon hits in the photos at the top.

Questions? Comment below, we love to help.