Hi everyone! Last cycle we were working on our hang clean, push press, hang snatch and FRAN to work on our coordination and anaerobic capacity. This cycle we're building on that foundation and starting to really strengthen the movements we've been practicing. We're adding in equal parts strength, coordination, and stability every single week to improve our clean and jerk, front squat, and muscle up. In addition, we've created a NEW benchmark workout to test, "JUN," named after another original Synapster, Jun Villanueva, which we'll be pre-testing on Friday.  

This week we have some new movements in the programming!

1. Push Jerk: This is a foundational movement for the split jerk. Last cycle we worked on the push press, which involved the coordination of the dip, drive, and press. All we're doing now is adding a step: movement of the feet and changing direction after the drive. If we can coordinate moving the feet without moving the torso, as well as the feet landing at the same time as the arms, we can progress easily to the split jerk in the coming weeks. The push jerk has very little room for error, so if we can get into great habits on the push jerk, our split jerks will be that much better.

2. Deadlifts with a pause above the knee: Two cycles ago, we worked on deadlift strength. The last cycle, we worked on hang cleans from above the knee. Now we're ready to combine the two into a full clean. A clean starts from the floor, just like a deadlift, and passes through the hang position we practiced last cycle. What better way to transition than to practice lifting from the floor to the position we've already drilled? The next progression we'll be doing next week is a CLEAN from the floor, with a pause above the knee.

3. More ring and core work: We'll be doing a lot more work on the rings, just like we did yesterday with the ring pullups. We'll also be working on pulling in hollow body position, which will be reinforced in Thursday's gymnastics section. Rings are difficult because of the added stability factor, and require both sides of the body to put in equal amounts of work. This is really important in fixing imbalances. This means that not only will you be working towards that elusive muscle up, but you'll be creating a healthier shoulder in the process.

4. Single leg work: We're doing single leg work for similar reasons as the ring work. We want to force each side of the body to work equally. You'll be seeing lots of step ups, split squats, single leg jumps, single leg RDLs, and of course lunges, which are in our benchmark workout.

5. Front rack and torso work: While you won't see very much this week, we are doing to be putting a lot of work into strengthening your torso. This means being able to hold weight without collapsing. This week we had 5s in our front squats, but get ready for even more volume, holding, and heavy quarter squats this cycle.

Hope this got you all excited to train and improve this cycle! Every cycle is one small step towards becoming a more well-rounded athlete, and you guys have been crushing it. If you have any questions about the program, our goals for you, etc, feel free to comment below or send us an email.

See you at Synapse!