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Butt Stuff is the Best Stuff!

Anyone sore after heavy deadlifts yesterday? Anyone need some TLC before going heavy on squats tomorrow? During this cycle recovery is going to be extra important, and when recovering from squats, remember this motto: BUTT STUFF IS THE BEST STUFF!

Rolling out your butt/hips can have a huge impact on tightness felt in the low back. Do this before or after your workout:

  1. Lie on your back. Without lifting your hips up, stick a ball in the side of your hip, as shown. The ball should be where your underwear line is, right above the hip bone. 

2. Start to roll over the ball so that it digs into your hip. You'll start to feel some uncomfortable pressure. Stay where it hurts! Make sure you relax your butt so your body drapes over the ball. If you're too tense, your muscles obviously won't relax. 

3. Once the pain starts to disappear (which will happen pretty quickly), keep rotating on the ball until you find a new spot. You can rotate all the way into fetal position, or move the ball on the butt closer to your spine.

After you spend some time on the ball, your hips should start to relax and relieve some of that back tension. And once that happens, we think you'll agree: BUTT STUFF IS THE BEST STUFF!